15 June 2009

Holy Union of Chimneys and Swifts at Rivercity

Among the urban scenes of the river city, there are the places which make swell haunts for the chimney swifts. Here and there are the brick chimneys of many character to provide a nesting site or a seasonal roost.

About Benson, it is a holy union. Spiritual bricks soaring to the heavenly realm are also blessedly important to some local swifts. There is another bunch of half a dozen down the alley. It is another church, with a third further east beyond the alleyway.

Benson Presbyterian Church.

St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Bethany Lutheran Church. All pictures taken June 14, 2009.

Ample stacks are part of the many other historic buildings in the business district, and it is an absolute phantasm of swifts along the way when peddling along the travel avenue.

Two views of chimneys of buildings in the Benson business district. June 14, 2009.

Around the former Military Theater, also now a church, there were swifts getting about as they are prone to do in the evening times. Some more - at least six - were about the big stack just north of Cuming Street, up around the corner there on ambling 45th street.

Aflight at Memorial Park there were two noted during an ample look at the horizon and darkening clouds from atop the hill with the big monument.

Appropriately, at Dundee there is during the day times a dynamic bunch of swifts coursing an urban scene with laudable loops and curls and dances on their wings against the azures of so much space above where they reside with aplomb.

Appearing regularly during the languid summer eves is a nice small flock of bugeaters in the skies above Carthage, with distinctive dogs barking in many yards as the sun settles in the west, and the occasional cars to lay a flow on the scene. There are at least four in this bunch, which usually includes antics with the typical animus of the local nighthawk.

Apparently there are many enclaves for the Chimney Swifts airborne at the eastern extent of the Rivercity, in the valley of the big muddy, out among and beyond the tall downtown and westward on the hills beyond Happy Hollow.

Assorted chimneys of architectural appeal amongst the built environment of these districts of streets and structures are of an infinite variety. The construction is of utmost importance to the bug-eating swifts at those places whence they always provide many appreciations when given some attentions.

Chimney-scape in the industrial area south of Walnut Hill school.

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