04 October 2011

Disc Golf Course Project and Hummel Park

The following information was received from the Omaha Metro Disc Golf Association member Aaron Martin in response to the previously reported ruination of resources at Hummel Park. The email reply is presented as received to convey that the group is also not pleased with what was done.

..."the OMDGA had nothing to do with the spray painting on trees. In fact, the membership was disgusted by it and went as far as publicly offering a cash reward for information on who it may have been. Unfortunately we never got any information but I assure you that we would make an example of the vandal if we did.

"As for littering - the OMDGA is comprised of hard working volunteers whom have a lot of respect for Omaha parks, it's associated neighborhoods, and it's patrons. The disc golf course is on the trail system and, from time to time, our volunteers pick up trash and bring it back to where it is easier to load later. And frankly, we don’t discriminate. That is, it makes no difference who left the trash, we want it out of there. Further more, all club members are law abiding citizens, and do not participate in illicit activity.

When it comes to the trails, tees, and erosion: this course was designed around the already installed trail system of Hummel. It's also important to know that we are not finished with this course and have a lot of work to do yet before considering it playable. Our plans include tackling any erosion problems or potential erosion problems on all fronts. We want this course to be not only environmentally conscious but safe and sound.

On a finished course we see much more positive effects from disc golf as you can see in the document attached. It is important to understand, however, that some of what we are describing as a problem is backwash from something very positive – community enthusiasm. As indicated above, we just need to work our way through this transition. The OMDGA is aware of the problem and we are working diligently to bring this project to completion. We believe that tee signs, directional signs, TRASH CANS, and proper tees are the ultimate solution.

The concerns outlined really boil down to two things: transition and increased usage. Erosion, trash, vandalism may well seem to increase during the transition stages. Construction sites are often less than pleasing in appearance (i.e. the work in the day camp area). However, we have a clear, and positive goal and the fact is this is good for the park. We are bringing young people back to the use of city parks for wholesome recreation. In turn, the increased traffic will detour crime and creates a safer more positive environment.

I'd like to close with an invitation to anyone whom would like to give suggestions on how to best partner with all activities, and patrons at Hummel Park."