04 October 2011

West Table Playa Wetlands Pictorial

Scattered among the agland of western Custer county, there are many small playa wetlands which provide ephemeral habitat for migratory birds. The usefulness of these places varies upon precipitation, with ample water during wet times and no water when it is dry and hot, causing the water to dissipate.

Recent weather in central Nebraska has been notably warmer than usual, with no precipitation for weeks. The playa wetlands have been shrinking, and there are few places with remaining water.

The following images pictorially convey the condition of some of the recognized playas.

August Views

These photographs are courtesy of Ed and Maxine Wehling, local residents.

Cool Playa

Griffiths Playa

Johnson Playa

Overnight Playa

Wehling Playa East

Wehling Playa South

Wehling Playa West

October Views

During a morning outing on October 2nd, these pictures were taken of a couple of the playas visited.

Hostick Playa

Cemetery Playa

Wetland Extent

This image indicates the extent of wetlands in an area west of Merna, as designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.