22 October 2011

Waterfowl Splendor at Carter Lake

X marks the place to now be to enjoy many migratory fowl.

Although this picture was digitally altered, the X is a result
of two airplane contrails coming together at just the right spot!

A plethora of fowl are currently present at Carter Lake!

There are mostly American Coots, but a nice variety of other waterfowl are amidst the thousands of the black floaters. Redheads, a few shovelers, and fewer still Ruddy Duck, American Wigeon, and other species intermingled. The many resident Canada Goose and Mallards are still present in good numbers. There are also some Wood Ducks on the lake and at the pond in the park.

A new species was added on September 22 to the known list of birds about the park. A single Eurasian Collared Dove was noted sitting on a powerline near the extreme southern end of Levi Carter Park.

It was a splendid morning to be outdoors among the fowl.

Sunrise over the coots at Carter Lake, Nebraska and Iowa.