27 July 2012

Glad Tidings of Spring

Glad Tidings.

Hark! I hear the bluebird gayly singing over
And over his few tuneful notes in yonder cedar-tree,
And straight I dream of violets and fragrant fields of clover,
And meadow brooks from winter's bonds rejoicing to be free.
For spring is here, the darling! and soon, with sweet beguiling,
She'll charm us first with shower tears, and then with sunny smiling.
And when she weeps, the brown earth will send green leaves to meet her,
And pretty buds; and when she smiles, the buds will hasten to blow,
And the winds will lose their coldness, and with gentle kisses greet her,
And grass spring in her footsteps light where late was naught but snow,
For spring is here, the darling! and her fairy friends are coming,
To wake the butterflies again, and start the bees a-humming.
The orchard trees are trembling as they feel her magic fingers
Touching them with soft enchantment that fills them with delight;
And they bid their hidden treasure, that still in shyness lingers,
Burst forth in countless happy blooms of faintest pink and white.
For spring is here, the darling! I hear a bluebird singing,
And I catch the echo of her voice in rippling laughter ringing.
— Margaret Eytinge.
May 12, 1881. Monticello (Iowa) Express 16(43): 4. John Blanchard, editor and proprietor.