17 July 2012

Poetic Expression from Early-day Nebraska

Written for the Journal.

You'll not Forget, Jennie?

By Marion Gray.
The days go by swiftly, Jennie,
The fresh air sweeter grows;
I hear the joyous song of birds
And smell the budding rose.
We've loved each other well, Jennie,
Each heart beat warm, and true;
And now that I'm dying, Jennie,
This boon I'd ask of you.
That you will not forget me, Jennie,
When I am lying still
In yonder "city of the dead,"
Whose spires gleam o'er the hill.
You'll come and sit beside me Jennie.
And think our sweet life o'er
And pray that you and I, Jennie,
May meet on yonder shore.
You'll not forget to plant, Jennie
Around my place of rest,
Some trees whose shade shall woo the birds
To sing, and build their nest.
You'll bring some flowers there, too, Jennie.
To fringe my pillow, green;
Forgive that I should ask, your love
Would prompt this care, I ween.
Columbus, June 14th.
July 2, 1879. Columbus Journal 10(9): 1.