27 July 2012

Kingbirds Lurking in Carthage

During the routine of a hot summer day, an evocative expression conveyed details obvious enough to denote a new addition to the bird list for the Carthage neighborhood.

There was a similar but more subtle message on July 24th, but it was relatively tentative and perplexing, due to a lack of observational documentation. It is not typically appropriate to look and scan and linger in any neighborhood when residents are oblivious to the joys of bird watching.

Midday on Wednesday, July 25th, the birds were obvious as heard again, so time was taken to get a closer look. The result was simply obvious.

Four Eastern Kingbirds sitting upon nearby branches of a local tree. They were evocative and obvious upon taking an interlude on the public sidewalk to get a proper view as the birds sat there, up above, in a splendid perspective for a ground-based watcher. It was a family group, based upon regular indications including group behavior, time of the year, and general verve as observed. They may not have nested in the immediate vicinity, but it must have been nearby.

It was a special and unexpected addition to the avifauna of this completely urban setting!

During the past couple of the days, they have been moving around within the local vicinity, as parents with fledglings are prone to do. They've been vocal and their message has been heard.

It was quite surprising to observe the kingbirds, as they had never been seen nor heard in the neighborhood, where particular attention is given to birds present. This is the 67th species to be recorded in the Carthage neighborhood, eastern Omaha. There have been other surprises bird observations in recent weeks, but that is the wonder of birds, and always appreciated, but rarely known.

There was no readily evident indication of their presence on Thursday. These birds of some significance are moving along to suit their survival.

Thankfully, their time in the neighborhood was appreciated!