04 September 2012

Great Flock of Pigeons - Jersey Shore

Several large flocks of pigeons have been noticed of late. Capt. Bricker, of Jersey Shore, who was in the city yesterday, related that on Friday a flock passed over that town which reached from mountain to mountain, and attracted the attention of everybody. Old hunters declared that they had never seen anything like it. But the most remarkable part remains to be told. The Captain was out with his gun, like many others, and noticing the myriads of birds, fired into the center of them. The caused the flock to double up like a great knot, and arrested the flight for a moment. But one solitary bird was brought down, to the intense disgust of the marksman. When they got in motion again the sound declared by their wings resembled the roar of distant thunder. There was "millions in" that flock, and it sailed away in the direction of Williamsport.

April 6, 1875. Williamsport Daily Gazette and Bulletin 6(114): 4.