06 September 2012

Opera House Chimney a Roost for Swifts

Late Local News.

Mayor Lasselle has for several days been watching the peculiar actions of the chimney swallows. Every evening large flocks of swallows can be seen swarming about the large chimney of the opera house. Presently one will take the lead and dart down into the chimney followed by the rest. Mayor Lasselle has watched them several evenings and on a rough calculation finds the number at from 1,000 to 2,000. They fly down into the furnace chimney to roost. During the summer many hundreds have made their nests there. When the entire number are settled it is stated that the lower walls are lined from top to bottom.

September 10, 1884. Logansport (Indiana) Pharos Tribune 10(70): 4.