24 September 2012

Woods at Park Designated Offlimits to Motorized Vehicles

An area of woodland at the northwest corner of Levi Carter Park has been officially designated as being off limits to off-road and motorized vehicles. They had been ripping through the area, destroying vegetation. As well, the riders had dug out places to create jumps.

Three signs were installed early in the week of September 17, by Randy Garlip, park caretaker. A big thanks for his effort to improve the habitat quality of this little tract, which is an interesting little haven for wild birds.

A city ordinance prohibits the operation of these sorts of vehicles on city property.

Sign at southeast corner of woodland area; September 23, 2012.
Notice the glimpse of a small pond in the left background.

A request for this signage had been made to city officials at the end of July. The have also been asked to place large logs at key places to prohibit any illegal access.

During the Sunday visit, a wooden pallet and an errant tire were removed and taken elsewhere for proper disposal. At later visits, trash will be picked up and the place will see some improvement.

During the first week of October, city officials placed several large tree trunks across the former vehicle tracks, to further deter any vehicle trespass.

Tree truck barricade at the Northwest Pond, Levi Carter Park.

October 10, 2012.