11 October 2012

A Cloak of Partridge Feathers

An Ulster county (N.Y.) demoiselle is engaged in making a cloak entirely of partridge feathers. In it will be at least 10,000 feathers of different sizes, the lower portion of the cloak being made of the tail feathers and then ranging up. The breast feathers come next, while the variegated plumage around the neck of the bird will encircle the white throat of the lady. It will require about 100 partridges to fill out the regular course of feathers which are planed in layers similar to the way in which they grow on the bird. The birds are shot by her brother, who [unknown word] over whenever she wants them, only asking that she will nicely cook what is left for himself to line his epig natrium.

December 28, 1876. New Philadelphia Democrat 37(52): 1. Article transcribed from a tepid online presentation, with word details that could not be determined.