29 October 2012

Jolly Party on Lively Prairie Chicken Hunt

A very jolly hunting party, consisting of Dr. Coffman, E.B. Chandler, E.G. Dixon, J.C. Thomas, W.L. Adams, B.B. Wood, Frank Murphy and a number of ladies, had a lively prairie chicken hunt on Saturday. They left the city about three o'clock in the morning, and got caught in the terrific thunder, lightning and rain storm that took place shortly after day-break. Although their clothes were drenched, their spirits were not dampened, judging from the day's hunt, which resulted in the death of thirty chickens. It is said that as each chicken rose, all the gentlemen fired at it simultaneously, and if it was brought down, each claimed the honor of having killed it, and the ladies were called upon to decide the matter, which they did with as much partiality as was possible under the exciting and humorous circumstances.

From the local news section. August 25, 1874. Omaha Daily Bee 4(57): 4.