29 October 2012

Sordid Tally for Window-strikes at Omaha

The number of window-strikes by birds known to occur in the east Omaha area now surpasses 1400.

Friday morning was also an usual find at the CenturyLink Center Omaha, which is owned by the City of Omaha, and managed by the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority. There was a dead American Coot on the west side, being instance number 1399.

No dead or disabled birds were found Saturday morning, during a cold ride about the scene.

Strike number 1400 was a dead Dark-eyed Junco at the north side of DJs Dogout Bar and Grill at 1003 Capitol Avenue.

Further within the urbane setting, there was a dead American Robin at 1200 Landmark Center. This is record number 1401, based upon 410 dates when strike instances have been documented.