12 February 2013

Avian Antics Spring Forth at Elmwood Park

Woodpecker tree along Wood Creek, Elmwood Park. February 12, 2013.

Some birdlife at Elmwood Park in Omaha, is fully involved with what is still a pending spring according to the human calendar.

The excitement of the season was especially obvious at Shadow Lake. While looking for waterfowl, a strident call was heard, and determined to be a Red-bellied Woodpecker. A moment's time later, another of this species arrived, to land nearby. It was a verbal duel, that led to an active tussle, for a bit of time during which both birds tumbled together, downward from the sky. Then they broke apart and once again landed on a nearby tree, to once again express their claim.

The antics will make a difference in who spends the breeding season in the territory. Not too far west, a cavity of a tree is an apparent home place, which hopefully will not be overtaken by starlings.

Along Wood Creek, a Hairy Woodpecker was taking advantage of a large snag tree to convey his intention. The sound resounded. Even a smaller sized Downy Woodpecker came to visit.

On the southern extent of the golf course, a couple of red-tails were courting a third Red-tailed Hawk. A pair landed on a prominent perch, while the "outsider" screamed and soared away towards the north.

There were a bunch of cardinals singing away their morning, being predominant along Wood Creek and Happy Hollow Creek, to the north, along the boulevard. Mourning Doves were newly arrived. A lot of Black-capped Chickadees were obvious in the creeks-side woods. And finally, of some indication, there were more robins around than there have been during recent weeks, especially near the flower-plots on the south side of Memorial Park.

Sadly, not a single Winter Wren, or even a Carolina Wren was heard or noticed. Juncos linger.