08 February 2013

Considering Board Members of Cherry County Wind Group

The veracity of decisions made by members of a group are obviously dependent on the perspectives of its members. For the men involved with the board of directors of the Cherry County Wind Energy Association (as given in early February on their website), further details are indicative and worth considering.

Members with an asterisk preceding their name, were appointed to the Cherry County Wind Advisory Committee in November 2010 by the Cherry County Commissioners.

Mark Adamson, and * Todd Adamson: involved with the Adamson ranching outfit in west-central Cherry county. Jerry Adamson, a member of the family, is a current member of the Cherry County Commissioners.

* Matt Coble: a proponent for wind energy, based upon the placement of small turbines at the family ranch operation in central Cherry county. Public funds were helpful in the effort to construct these turbines.

Tom Copper: employed by the Security First Bank, which has offices in Thedford, Valentine and Rushville.

Economic development is a regularly expressed reason for wind energy development in Cherry county.

* Adam Fischer, associated with the Sunnyslope Ranch. He is the oldest son of Deb Fischer, the newly elected U.S. Senator, and an expressed proponent of alternative sources of energy, including wind, according to her public statements. She is a member of the Committee on Environment and Public Works. Their responsibility includes water and wildlife, in particular fisheries and wildlife and the Endangered Species Act.

* Gary Garvin: a director of the Cherry-Todd Electric Cooperative, according to online details.

John Hansen: has worked for Turner Enterprises for many years, notably at sandhill ranches, and more recently at the Bozeman office. R.E. "Ted" Turner is actively involved in developing alternative energy sources, especially solar power, through his business division, Turner Renewable Energy. Turner Enterprises, in addition to having a member on the board of the Cherry County wind group, has also met the criteria required to be a member.

Eric Johnson: a group member and also a principal of Bluestem Sandhills L.L.C. A proposal by the company to erect MET (meterological) towers within the county will be approved by the Cherry County Commissioners on February 12th.

* George Johnson: associated with a vinegary at Cody, with possibly some familial association with Eric Johnson.