12 August 2013

Expansive Bird Research Bibliography for Northern America

During the morning of August 12th, after perusing online resources, several additions were made to the bibliography associated with my database of bird records previous to 1885.

On this Monday, using a readily available website, the results were based upon a search of using the term "pigeons" and limited to the United States. The search was also restricted to a particular year, starting in 1866 and then individually for each year through 1870.

There were records known from previous searches, but the notations were evaluated in comparison to ensure that the items considered were new indications for the presence of particular wildbirds. Included among the newspaper reports were notations associated with the Eastern Bluebird, American Robin and Northern Bobwhite.

Among the pages of so many historic newspapers, a few words are regularly significant in regards to a bird's occurrence, especially valuable when there is an indication of date and place. /P>

Using the available websites which provide a viable search options has been a primary focus to determine this extent of records. Details have been derived based upon different words. The information found is indicative of might also be among the chronicles, but due to the limitations of character recognition, is not yet known, as a page-by-page review would be necessary.

It is more than obvious that numerous newspapers convey localized details important to the history of wildbirds in northern American. Their contribution will become more significant as more attention is given to a suitable review of the electronic documents available for evaluation.