24 August 2013

Wildbirds on National Hotel Bill of Fare

Dining, yesterday, with a friend at Guy & Brigg's "National Hotel," we were struck with the refutation of the New York Herald's pert and sweeping allegations against all such Washington establishments as was embraced in the bill of fare, the capital manner in which the dinner was prepared and served, and (what is by means a matter of indifference to one who has a penchant for good living) the promptness, quiet and efficiency with which the requirements of the guests were attended to.

We publish the bill of fare to verify our assertion, that it afforded any man an opportunity of making really as good a dinner as is obtainable in any other quarter of the country — New York not excepted — at a hotel table d'kote.

Gentlemen's Ordinary — Soup — Terapin.
Fish — Baked codfish, claret sauce.
Boiled — Corned beef and cabbage, chicken and pork, smoked tongue, turkey and oysters, celery salad.
Cold Dishes — Ham, tongue, pressed corned beef, chicken salad.
Side Dishes — Fricandeau of veal, tomato sauce; oyster pies, Parisian style; macaroni, a l'Italienne; pork cutlets breaded; fillet of venison, jelly sauce, rice birds, Maderia sauce; apple fritters glacie; calf's head fried in butter; veal cutlets, a la Jardiniere; ragion saute, port wine sauce.
Roast — Beef, leg of mutton, turkey, ham, champagne sauce.
Game — Canvas back ducks, black ducks, leg of bear, redheads, mallard ducks, mongrel goose.
Pastry — Apple pies, mince pies, custard pies, charlotte Russe, cabinet pudding, cocoanut drops, ebglars a la vanilla.
Dessert — Almonds, raisins, filberts, oranges, prunes, pecan nuts, apples, lemon ice cream.
Washington Hotels. January 2, 1857. Washington D.C. Evening Star 9(1236): 2.