06 April 2014

Area Birders Appreciate Fowl at Carter Lake

This is an email sent to Mayor Jean Stothert, Robert Stubbe, director of Public Works and Pete Festerson, Omaha city council.

A dozen birders gathered on the east side of Carter Lake to observe the variety of birds present during the latter morning of April 5th. The group included bird-watchers from Omaha, Bellevue, Fremont and other places of eastern Nebraska. The group was associated with the WINGS bird tour group.

There was particular attention given to the "gull flats" north of Bird Isle. There were only Ring-billed Gulls present that appreciated this place to roost and rest. Many other birds were seen. The call of a Bairds Sandpiper was significant. Wigeons were present, as well as a bunch of coots.

The variety of birds was significantly different in comparison to one day previous, on Friday.

No water was being pumped on Friday morning, but then was being pumped on mid-day Saturday. Public officials that have made the decisions regarding the operation of the pump will not provide any details regarding the basis for why this pumping activity is done.

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