30 April 2014

Public Meeting Held for Spring Lake CSO! Project

A large turnout occurred at the pre-construction meeting for the pending phase one the CSO! project at Spring Lake Park, in eastern Omaha.

"It is historic to have so many people" present, said Janet Bonet, president of the Spring Lake Neighborhood Association, and community coordinator for the project. The crowd meant a lively discussion.

The Spring Lake Project is a "signature project" for the Omaha CSO! effort, said Marty Grate, environmental services manager for the city. It will "improve water quality and provide amenities for the public." He also indicated that the "piping" of the creek south of F Street could not be discussed at the meeting.

Several other public officials and consultants then discussed various aspects of the project, including mitigation for removed trees, construction scheduling, road closures (a common concern), etc.

Tree mitigation will occur within Spring Lake Park, as well as nearby Lynch Park, the Campos soccer complex (at 33rd and Q streets) and Novacek Memorial park.

There were numerous comments made about tree removal during the time when questions could be asked; especially upsetting to some was the removal of "valuable" large oak trees that been so unique to the park.

Another notable topic was the pond to be created just north of F Street by removing the ground to a particular depth below the current surface-level. It will apparently be about 2 acres in size, with a maximum depth of 15 feet, with greater depths during water runoff events.

When asked when project plans and other associated documents would be available online, no date was given but the reply indicated this item will be a topic for further discussion between Public Works officials and their community involvement consultant.

Pre-construction meeting at Spring Lake Park golf course clubhouse.

Construction is expected to start May 6th.

This phase of the project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2016. Once finished, there will be no sewer lines through the park space, they will either be removed or filled with grout, according to officials.

Map graphic indicating the two phases associated with the CSO! project at Spring Lake Park. The green area is the current project, and the pink area indicates phase two.

About 75 people — including public officials — were present at the meeting at the golf course clubhouse on the evening of April 29th.

While waiting for the meeting to start, to people of the community were overheard discussing how the two electronic signs placed along Spring Lake Drive had originally indicated the meeting started at 6 p.m. The time was eventually changed to indicate the correct 6:30 p.m. start time.