26 April 2014

First Bird-Window Collisions at Omaha in 2014

The first instances of bird-window collisions for 2014 were recorded on April 25th and 26th in eastern Omaha.

A Savannah Sparrow was the first fatality, and occurred at the CenturyLink Center on its west side. The carcass was beneath a bench, about 20 feet north of the second from north entryway, and found early in the morning.

On the 26th, the first instance was observed on the campus of Creighton University. A bird was seen flying westward across 17th street, from trees along the sidewalk on the west side of the Wareham Building. It struck the glass on the east side of the Rasmussen Fitness and Sports Center. Upon arriving there within moments, it was seen to be a Brown Thrasher. It was still lively and flew away in a few seconds. It was shortly before 6:30 a.m.

A short time later, the carcass of a Lincoln's Sparrow was found on the south side of the courtyard of the Holland Performing Arts Center in downtown.

The CenturyLink Center and Holland Performing Arts Center are well known known as prominent places for bird-window strikes in eastern Omaha.

There had been at least three previous visits during April, but no dead or disabled birds were observed.

April 28th

Additions to the first-of-the-season tally include five records located on April 28th. They are:

  1. a disabled Lincoln's Sparrow at the CenturyLink Center;
  2. a dead sparrow — id pending — also at the CenturyLink Center, but further to the south;
  3. a dead Lincoln's Sparrow on the south side of the courtyard and at its west end, at the Holland Performing Arts Center; the drenched condition of the carcass indicates that the bird was killed on Sunday;
  4. another dead Lincoln's Sparrow on the sidewalk of the Regis Building, along south 16th street; and
  5. a dead Virginia Rail on the west side of the Omaha-Douglas Civic Center; a half-inch of its lower bill was broken and hanging, indicating the force of the impact

The bird-window strike tally is quickly rising with migration actively underway in the Missouri River valley.