14 May 2015

Bird-window Collisions During May at Downtown Omaha

This is a sampler of bird-window collisions in downtown Omaha during May, 2015.

dead Ovenbird at the north atrium entrance at 1200 Landmark Center

disabled Orange-crowned Warbler at the CenturyLink Center Omaha, near the north end of the west side

dead Baltimore Oriole at the west end of the north side of Omaha Public Power District energy plaza; note the black masking on the window to the right, put in place to reduce bird-window collisions

disabled Gray Catbird at the north entrance to the atrium at 1200 Landmark Center

dead White-throated Sparrow at the east side of the Gavilon building

disabled House Wren at the east entrance to Omaha Public Power District Energy Plaza

Ovenbird at the Elevate Company at 1018 Dodge Street

The following four are from the morning of May 15th.

dead Gray Catbird at the south box office entrance at the CenturyLink Center Omaha

dead male Indigo Bunting at the southeast corner of the south tower of Central Park Plaza

dead female Indigo Bunting at the Gavilon Building, near the entrance at the northwest corner

dead Ovenbird at the northeast corner of the Union Pacific Center

The following are from the morning of May 18th.

disabled Ovenbird on the west side of the CenturyLink Center Omaha

two dead Yellow Warblers on the north side, and just about the west end of 1200 Landmark Center; it's possible that the birds were placed together; there have previously been birds found in close proximity but never adjacent to one another like these two, and oriented in a similar manner

dead Mourning Dove at the entry doors at the northwest corner of the Gavilon building

The following are from the morning of May 22nd.

disabled Tennessee Warbler at TDAmeritrade ball park

dead female Common Yellowthroat at 1200 Landmark Center

dead female Common Yellowthroat at the north side atrium of the Firs National Bank tower

This is a minimal sample, as there have not been as many surveys done this spring as in past years, with some rainy mornings especially not conducive to bicycle transportation. Only birds were photos were taken are illustrated here.

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