19 May 2015

Further Swift Chimney Losses in Omaha

Additional chimneys have been lost as habitat for the Chimney Swift in east Omaha. Both are along south 31st Street, between Dewey Park and St. Mary's Avenue.

Ekard Court was demolished during the past winter, and a new building is currently being built.

Records of swift use of either of the two chimneys once at 617 or 625 north 31st include:

  • 17 on 18 August 2003
  • 250 on 10 September 2005
  • 65 on 20 August 2013

The loss of both of these chimneys is a dramatic loss to the swifts which occur in this area of 31st and St. Mary's Avenue, especially with the loss of multiple chimneys at the Canterbury apartments.

Eradication of swift habitat is ongoing and pervasive.

To the north, the big chimney at the Monticello Apartment building has been recently capped, probably within the last year or so, since a 2013 aerial photograph shows an open chimney. This and the Mt. Vernon, adjacent to the south, were both built in 1922. The Mt. Vernon is more essential, but as apartment renovation in the area continues, it is very possible that new HVAC work will result in this chimney also getting capped.

The Mount Vernon (in the foreground) and Monticello (in the background) apartment buildings on south 31st Street. Photograph taken August 2003.