24 May 2015

Omaha Companies Work to Reduce Bird Window Strikes

An article in the May 22nd Omaha World-Herald discusses steps taken by three companies to reduce the number of bird window-strikes associated with their buildings. Companies such as the Omaha Public Power District, Union Pacific Railroad and the Nebraska certainly deserve the recognition for taking active steps to help migratory wild birds. A special thanks to the reporter for her interest and effort to get this information into the newspaper, so others can read about it!

I would like to thank Shari and John for these kind words as posted on NEbirds...

"Subject: Hero for the birds
"Date: Fri May 22 2015 23:37 pm
"From: NEBirds AT yahoogroups.com
"Hello birders,

"Great news in today's Omaha World Herald! Union Pacific and OPPD have both agreed to mitigate migrating bird strikes on their huge office buildings thanks to the efforts of Jim Ducey. His dedication to saving the lives of the birds we love to watch is a difficult job that includes documenting dead and dying birds at dawn before building employees arrive to clean up the victims. The article encourages other businesses to consider turning lights off at night and minimizing the attraction of windows for birds. Maybe one of those Connecticut Warblers will survive the treacherous bi-annual journey long enough for us to see it! Huge thanks to Jim Ducey for giving us something to really celebrate for International Migratory Bird Month.

"Shari Schwartz & John Carlini, Lincoln"