19 June 2013

Hybrid Teal at Levi Carter Park

An unusual hybrid teal was present at the Horseshoe Pool at Levi Carter Park during a breeding bird survey on June 17th.

The male bird was obviously different due to the usual coloration on its head and neck. It was with a normal plumage female.

After some consideration, and with supportive comments from Ross Silcock and Joern Lehmhus, it is being identified as a Blue-winged x Green-winged Teal hybrid.

This is an exciting bird to add to the fine variety of waterfowl which occur at the park and adjacent Carter Lake.

The bird is similar in appearance, except for a much whiter neck, to images of other hybrids of this sort which are available for review online at various places.

This is the only known occurrence of this sort of bird in the Missouri River valley between Squaw Creek NWR and Pierre, SD. Neither has there has been any previous report for the state of Nebraska.