14 June 2013

Environment Ignored in Legislators Opinion on Energy Legislation

A recent "Midlands Voices" opinion article in a major newspaper in Nebraska once again shows that the favoritism shown for wind turbine development is based on economic development.

Steve Lathrop, a member of the Nebraska Legislature, gushed about the advantages of the recently passed LB 104 which will provide tax benefits for renewable energy projects.

This would include solar and wind, while his opinion piece focused only on wind energy.

His has three primary points in his repetitive verbage: (competition with neighboring states, wind energy will create jobs and economic activity, especially in rural Nebraska). He conveys, in particular, that wind turbines could be an answer to many of the woes of rural Nebraska.

The myopic view as given, does not represent all of the views associated with this issue. It has a blatant, and obvious bias.

There was nothing said about the negative impacts of wind turbines and the power transmission lines needed to distribute the energy across long distances.

Environmental impacts are well-known and were indicated in some emails to this legislator, as well as to Jeremy Nordquist, also of the Nebraska legislature. Neither even took the time to reply.

Many proponents of turbines are focused on this only due to the monetary values to themselves, a community or the state.

This legislation is nothing more than a means of welfare from the state, just as federal subsidies are also welfare. Money from the public into the pockets of others. Get government out of this business and let the market determine the fate of wind turbine projects.

If wind energy is such a viable option, it would be self-sustaining. There are many other unwanted and blatantly negative environmental impacts of wind turbines and power transmission lines. Rather than repeat them, please refer to this previous post.

Energy development in Nebraska also needs to include large-scale improvements in energy efficient and distributed generation rather than industrial-sized projects.

The mad rush for turbine projects in Nebraska is being done for wealth and business. Damn the environment, more turbines ahead, would be an apt indication of proponent's perspectives!