19 June 2013

Perspectives of Reflective Building Facades in Omaha

With sunny skies and scattered clouds, as well as a need to delay my arrival in downtown Omaha, some pictures were taken of buildings with prominent reflective facades. These images readily indicate the extent of reflectivity of the glass and how the buildings are regularly deadly places for migratory wildbirds.

West side of the Gottschalk Freedom Center, an Omaha World-Herald building. Note the other large buildings being reflected, as well as the nearby trees.

Several perspectives of the Gavilon building, still under construction, and showing the extensive use of glass as the exterior wall.

Looking from the east towards the west.

A portion of the north wall, showing in detail how the glass on the lower wall is highly reflective. The trees and light fixtures being reflected are located across the street.

A view of the northwest corner of the building, showing its convoluted corner which will present a variety of potentially deadly reflective conditions.

A portion of the west wall, showing reflections of trees across the street, a parking garage a block away, and the First National Bank Building, two blocks distant.

It is possible that there will be bird strikes occurring here as soon as this autumn. The building will be more than likely be especially dangerous due to park with numerous trees, just across the intersection to the northwest. Wildbirds departing from the trees will look for their destination, see the reflected trees and think they would be a likely spot. With the distance being flown, they would hit without sufficient impact to cause a deadly collision.

With the north exterior (especially) and perhaps the west side likely being done in the next few weeks, the only barrier to this happening are the barricades which will still likely be present. Any strikes which may occur, could not probably be documented due to the presence of this barrier.

The Omaha-Douglas Civic Center, showing the east side of the building.

Looking westward towards the main, north entry where many bird strikes have occurred.

The Zesto Building at 610 North 12th, across from TD Ameritrade Park.

Looking towards the southwest. Most of the bird strikes this spring occurred at the section of the building just south of the entryway of Lids Locker Room.

While taking this picture, it was surprising to see at least a half-dozen Cliff Swallows flitting about. They might be nesting somewhere within the stadium, where the College World Series is currently underway.