21 December 2014

Dignitary Dinner at New York City in 1825

"A letter from a gentleman at New York to Mr. Topliff, says the anniversary of independence was celebrated in that city, more brilliantly than ever. The corporation dinner, at which Gen. Lafayette was a guest, was in the style of getting up, superior to any former dinner. The Mayor, who presided, cut open a pie; from which flew a dove, bearing in its beak, a letter of recent date from France to Gen. Lafayette. The Mayor read it to the company: it was a poetical compliment to the General. The following Bill of Fare, of the New York Corporation, we publish for the benefit of our own city councils; it contains some rare dishes. An "Alderman in chains," must be a delicate tit-bit, for his colleagues to feast upon.

"First Course—Green Turtle and Lobster Soups, Black Fish, Sheep-heads, Trout, Roast and Alamode Beef, Boiled Legs of Lamb, Haunches of Mutton on Venison, Chines of Lamb, Fricandeaus, Boiled, Broiled, and Stewed Chickens, Roast Capons, Bubble and Squeak, Turley Poults, Gallinis, Ducks, Alderman in Chains, Hams and Tongues, Chicken, Sweetbread, Eel, and Pigeon Pies, Lobster Patties, Udder and Tongue, Baron of Beef.

"Second Course—Gallipagos Turtle Ragouts and Stews, Green Turtle Callipash, do. Callipee, do. Fins, do. Steaks, do. Ragouts, do, do. Pasties. Snapping Turtle Ragouts and Stews. Woodcock. Partridges. Wild Pigeons. Poulettes a la tartare, Saute Rognons de boeuf, Pieds de mouton a la poulette, Pieds de veau en marinade, Pieds de cochon a la St. Menebould, Tete de veau—Sauce piquant, Maccaroni, Saucissons de Bologne, Vegetable Pies, Langues fume, Galantines.

"Desert.—Plumb, Maccaroni, Lemon and Marrow Puddings, Fruit Tarts and Tartlets, Cheesecakes, Jellies, Blanc mange, Trifles, Syllabubs, Confectionary, Stilton Cheese.

"Fruit and Ices.—Pine Apples, Oranges, Water Melons, Raspberries, Cherries, Currants, Gooseberries, Apples, Pears, Conserves, Olives, Water Ices, Ice Creams, Roman Punch, Anchovy Toast."

August 1, 1825. Kentucky Reporter 18(31): 3.