21 December 2014

Energy Group Official Speaks Disparagingly of Nebraska

A comment recently made in association with the Nebraska Renewable Energy Export Study, are a disparagement to Nebraska residents.

"The study shows how viable wind energy and development is in Nebraska, something all Nebraskans should be excited about," said Jeff Clark, executive director of the region-wide Wind Coalition.

What's obvious in this statement is a perspective that if you are a resident in the state, you just have to be excited about the report, done by a group whose mission is to encourage development of more extensive wind energy resources.

There are hundreds of Nebraska residents that are very much opposed to the construction of industrial-sized transmission lines, that would be used to transport energy out of the state. There is only a need to look at the extensive opposition to the proposed corridor of the R-Project to see a definite lack of excitement.

One of the most problematic recommendations of the report, is a need to "help foster" wind development through a production tax credit or investment tax credit. If a business wants to build wind-turbine facilities and transmission lines, they should cover the costs and not expect public funds to help them make a company or personal profit. Why should the Nebraska legislature be asked to help fund a special-interest development for someones personal monetary benefit?

If wind energy was economically viable, it should not require state or federal tax subsidies. It would not require that customers of power companies pay electrical rates that includes funds being used to construct power lines and substations that cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many Nebraska residents do not want to lose important values associated with land resources. They do not want fragile prairie grasslands torn up or unique wetlands threatened by industrial power lines. They do not want flora and fauna threatened by huge new tower structures spread great distances across the country. They do not want to look out their window and always have to look at an ugly and massive power-line tower. And they certainly do not want to sacrifice their family ranch legacy so wasteful, promotional lights are lit all hours of the night in cities such as Omaha, and further eastward.

Wind proponents need to quit making blanket statements about what they think residents should want, and instead start to listen and stop making dubious and/or questionable statements that can be insulting to land-owner perspectives.
This is the third instance when delusion comments have occurred, either in newspaper reporting or associated with public comments.