08 December 2014

Duncombe House Thanksgiving Dinner

The following ladies and gentlemen accepted landlord Flower's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner: Mrs. John F. Duncombe, Chas. Duncombe, W.E. Duncombe, Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Burnam, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Johnston, Miss McBride, Mr. and Mrs. Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford, Miss Crawford, Mr. Lew Raber and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dixon, Charles Weider, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colby, Mrs. Schaffner, Lew Loomis. Other guests were present, being invited by the regular boarders. The repast was elegant in every particular, and the grandest dinner that our city has seen for many a day.

Long live Flower and the Duncombe, and when Thanksgiving comes again may our appetite again be as completely satisfied. Below is the menu.

A La Bernols. Oysters, Windsor Style.
Lake Michigan Trout, Regency Sauce
Salmon, a la Cardinal.
Corn Beef and Cabbage.
Leg of Mutton, with French Capers.
Buffalo Tongue, a la Royal.
Chicken, with Egg Sauce.
Cherry Roll, with Hard Sauce.
Bronzed Venison, a la Villerof.
Unjointed Teal Duck, Port Wine Sauce.
Matolotte of Peaches, with Rice Snow Cream.
Oyster Pates. Snipe on French Toast.
Wild Pigeon Pie, a la Neopolitan.
Simmered Broiled Quails, with Toasted Cheese.
Cold Entrees.
Rouletto of Lamb. Brown Rice of Mutton.
Chicken Salad, au Gratin. Corn Beef.
Westphalia Ham, Champagne Sauce. Hearts.
Lobster Salad. Escolloped Fowls.
Minced Meat Pressed, with Fine Herbs.
Wild Goose, with Strawberry Jam.
Boned Turkey.
Beef, with Brown Gravy.
Black tailed Deer, with currant Jelly.
Turkey, with Cranberry Sauce.
Buffalo, with Sweet Herb Dressing.
Antelope Plain Sauce.
Snow-flake Potatoes, Browned and Mashed.
Turnips. Peas, a la Cream.
Parsnips. Baked Asparagus.
Steamed Sweet Potatoes. Canned Corn.
French Mustard. Chow-Chow.
Halford Sauce. Boston Pickles. Horseradish.
India Soy Sauce. Pepper Sauce.
Pumpkin Pie, with Honey. Apricot Pie.
Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce. Mince Pie.
Spanish Ice Cream. Russian Cream.
Jelly Tarts. Scotch Jelly. Lemon Jelly.
Sherry Wine Jelly. Frozen Rice.
Lady Fingers. Coconut Cake. Jelly Roll.
Cup Cake, Flowered Frosting. White Cake.
Coffee Cake. Charlotte of Lemons.
Puff Paste Walnuts.
Candies and Nuts Assorted.
Layer Raisins. Apples. Oranges. Grapes.
Coffee Tea. Cheese. Milk.
December 1, 1883. The Duncombe House Dinner. Northwest Chronicle 1(6): 3. Issued at Fort Dodge, Iowa.