12 December 2014

Comments to NPPD on R-Project

The r-project as proposed is not acceptable for many reasons. NPPD has not provided any documentation for the public to review in order to evaluate the proposed line corridor and how it was selected. NPPD has not given any public details indicating the need for such a high-capacity line. And it is not NPPDs role to subsidize private - for profit - turbine facilities in Cherry county, or elsewhere.

Also, the current corridor would be greatly detrimental to sandhills lands, along with its flora and fauna. The proposed corridor near Birdwood Creek is not acceptable due to the regular occurrence of the endanger whooping crane, trumpeter swans and a myriad of other fowl. There is no need to place a transmission line through the Carson Lake wetland complex and between lakes in the Chain Lake vicinity.

NPPD officials need to closely consider all comments and revise their plans accordingly. To not do so would be disingenuous. The environment and land heritage deserve as much attention as any monetary concerns.