07 January 2015

Tally of Thrown-away Tires at Levi Carter Park

If there is one unnecessary tally for an Omaha greenspace, it is the number of tires thrown around at Levi Carter Park.

During the past year, they could be regularly seen along the streets, within a parking lot and elsewhere that someone thought was the right spot to dispose of their trash. A whole bunch of people tossed away their tires in the park. A tire here or there, was the exception. Usually there was been a bunch at one place, because some perp decided that the someone else should be responsible for getting rid of the rubber.

The park caretaker has to pick them and dispose of them in a suitable manner. Randy Garlipp is the caretaker, and he has kept a count of the number of tires removed from the park grounds.

His well-kept record denotes that 595 tires had to be removed from Levi Carter Park places during 2014. Most of them were in the western portion of the park.

Obviously a whole lot of people think that its easier to toss tires in the park, rather than responsibly dispose of them.

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