12 January 2015

Gilded Frosting of a Corporate Cake

It's all about the dough. Mix the right ingredients to a proper consistency, let it rise and then cook a cake at the right temperature, then convey it as a treat which can hardly be denied. Any good recipe can be used again and again to someone's enjoyment. The size of the cake does not matter, because a cover of sweet frosting and showy glitter can be just so special.

There are the basic ingredients. For a chocolate cake, include cups of flour and sugar mixed together, then butter and cooking oil, and cocoa. Don't forget cold water when all are mixed together. These are the basic items given in a "Mom's Kitchen" cookbook of a certain familiarity.

Other items to include may be vanilla, salt and soda, mixed well by a suitable culinary machine. The entire batter needs to be well-mixed to suit the cake pan. Then cook the creation at 400o for twenty minutes. Make sure it does not get overdone!

Once slightly cooled, carefully spread the frosting, covering the entire cake. Then sprinkle about some glitter for decorative reasons ... perhaps because someone decided that the cake just had to have highlights. Candles may be included to give some particular recognition.

These are necessities to bake a cake, once and again, with multiple other sorts of recipes prevalent. The routine is well known.

The result is usually so nice with its special adornments. Perhaps nearly everyone standing around the serving table sings a song of celebration. It may seem like a complete joy, though some nothing is said as they smile. Some have to wait to the candles to be lit and aflame to get involved. Within the last moments as the throng unites in a common cause, others agree. Blow out a candle and the frosting gets new attention.

Then there is the eating. Some people may grab a hearty piece of some size to eat, taking a big bite because that is the way it is. Maybe a lesser portion will suffice. Others might take just a tiny bit of the cake, with lesser frosting, just to be involved. A few folks completely avoid the edible treat, because of they have simply decided not to partake. They will still smile for the occasion to show an appreciation for effort.

Glitter, frosting and candles can be such useless things but as they are atop everything, getting the most attention, so are seemingly most important.

Overall it may be a fine celebration, with the underlying perspective unsaid. Some few understood that the many celebrating are very about being nice while others only applauded, just to be considerate.

How many years has this happened among so many families in Nebraska ... among how many households? This times may be done year after year. Another bunch of candles, and another burst where the frosting once again gets the most attention.

This analogy is meant to convey what happened with the recent pay raises for administrative bureaucrats at the Nebraska Public Power District, which got the largest individual pay raises. Utility customers paid the cost. Some of the customers have probably had a hard time to find the dollars for a monthly bill. Yet. The administrators get bigger and larger paychecks.

It is the workers — the hearty dough of any well made cake — which make the company run, yet the frosting at NPPD get the most attention and make the most from the monetary dole issued as paid for by rate-payers in Nebraska.

The cake is essential, not the frosting or glitter.