30 January 2015

Public Disclosure Missing from NPPD

There is an obvious problem with the Nebraska Power Power District and public disclosure involving the r-project. The company has been and continues to issue edicts or proclamations with basic statements that do not indicate any facts from which decisions are being made.

Some of the most worrisome or egregious examples started when the project was announced and continued even as NPPD wants to encroach on private property.

When the project was first announced, there were three reasons given, yet there has never been any documentary evidence to provide proof of these needs.

Why did NPPD make certain that the line went close to Cherry county where the Cherry County Wind Energy Association wants to develop turbines on public property? Was NPPD aware of the proposed development site and thus wanted to make sure to provide a line nearby so the turbine facility could be developed for personal profit by the turbine farm developer and land-owners?

There was no documentation released on how the route alternative were originally selected.

There was no documentation released on how the final route was selected.

The company will refer to the public hearings where the bureaucrats mostly sat like stone, but they have released nothing in regards to an overall perspective and particulars of those public hearings. For example, of the people in attendance, how many actually spoke in favor of the project? What was indicated by additional written comments? What issues were indicated that perhaps NPPD failed to consider in choosing the final transmission line corridor?

These details should be properly evaluated and a open and unbiased report should be issued for the public to read and study. Yet the company has done no such thing.

NPPD should be sued for release of this information.

NPPD should explain why the route was moved for a few houses but could not be moved a short distance distance to avoid major impacts to three wetland complexes that are habitats for thousands of birds, including swans and threatened and endangered species.

NPPD has not published any details on the additional access routes through the hills where line construction would occur and then be used for eventual maintenance? This is a huge void, yet the company says nothing. No public disclosure here, either.

The public does not want NPPD to go ahead on the r-project until the environmental assessment being done by the Fish and Wildlife Service is finished. Yet an NPPD official says they feel "confident" they can avoid any concerns and proceed without waiting for the review to be completed. Since when is NPPD an environmental organization of any credibility, and how will they achieve this supposed course of action?

Since when has NPPD administrative staff taken the stance that what the FWS has to say doesn't make a difference.

Full speed ahead on the r-project. Perhaps these so-called leaders are expecting to vote themselves a bonus if the project is done according to the proposed schedule?

There seems to be something akin to a "backroom shyster" approach involved. "What we says is the way is has to be. Just believe us because we are right."

There might be considered the "ruling class" and peasants approach ... "you will just go along with what we say."

Or perhaps it might be that the administrative staff of NPPD simply feel they do not have to explain anything to the public in any thorough and suitable manner?

Something needs to be get rid of this sort of administrative perspective from a public utility company, that prefers to pay themselves exorbitant salaries for personal gain so they can destroy grasslands flora and fauna, and flout the concerns of private property owners.

The public is missing in the Nebraska Public Power District name because of their lack of full discourse through open and necessary communication, as required by Nebraska law.

The company should change their name to "Nebraska Administrative Power District."

A similar procedure would likely be used if and when this power line is extended through the sand hills westward from Thedford.

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