20 January 2015

P-words Pertinent to the Perpetual Sandhills

The sand hills are a phantasmagorical place of prominent presence and perspective as presented by photographers and other producers of words or other sorts of content they deem of importance.

There are profound challenges to the society of the sand hills.

Planners are underway for an industrial powerline proposed by public power utility powercrats in Nebraska. Pronouncements for some producers of consumptive uses of power impose upon priceless heritage. Corporate profiteers are focused upon personal gain and always, getting paragraphs properly in a corporate report of performance for a period of time.

Hundreds of people want protection and conservation.

It is because of passion that points are being made in protest. Presence is making a difference. Perspective is so vastly important.

Patience is no prerogative in the perseverance to convey personal points to leading to the demise of some indicated place on the land.

These sentiments have been proffered before, but a bit or wordplay can be a pastime, too for a plyboy.