16 July 2013

Fall Bonnet Fashion Includes Bird Feathers

One of the most distinguished bonnet is of steel blue velvet trimmed with loops and torsade of lighter blue. The crown is covered with black net, dotted with blue steel spangles. The brim flares upward all around, is faced with the darkest velvet, and against it rests a vine of blue steel leaves. At the back of the bonnet is a pink rose cluster. A second of deepest sea blue velvet and gros grain has a soft cap crown of velvet, with a high rolled coronet of gros grain; below the coronet is a roll of velvet tied behind in a tiny bow without ends. A spray of blue steel leaves in front is the only ornament in this compact and tasteful bonnet.

An olive brown bonnet of the darkest shade of velvet has around the crown a scarf of wide ribbon that is salmon-colored satin on one side and olive gros grain on the other; this laps behind, and has short square ends raveled as fringe. A wreath of tinted geranium leaves is in front, two long nodding cock's plumes on the left, and a cluster of pink and scarlet roses behind.

The prettiest bonnet is of chestnut brown velvet, with brown satin crown, and velvet brim turned straight up in front. Three pink and yellow roses are directly in front, with some upturned sprays of white velvet forget-me-nots. Still above this are pink and white heron feathers, while behind is a long looped bow of the velvet and satin.

A black velvet bonnet is made youthful-looking by a scarf of wide double-faced ribbon — poncean satin on one side and black gros grain on the other — being tied around the crown; a red and black bird, with head down and spread wings, is on soft pleats of the crown in front. Another black velvet has pink and black ribbon, with dangling oats of jet all around the crown.

A mouse-colored velvet has a crown of pearl gray gros grain; the brim is pointed high in front, and supports a wreath of shaded scarlet geraniums. A scoop bonnet of myrtle green velvet has the crown formed of the green satin side of a double-faced scarf ribbon. A second of green velvet has the brim covered with leaves that are beaded with green; white heron's plume and three large full rose-beds, scarlet, pink and salmon, are the trimmings.

August 22, 1874. Fall bonnets.Putnam County Courier 33(16): 1.