24 July 2013

Spring - A Poem from 1866

By Mrs. Clara H. Holmes.
Bright spring is here, and bashful March
His welcome opening, freely brings,
Of balmy winds from Southern lands,
And golden sunshine over us flings.
Beneath his kiss the starry eyes
Of blue forget-me-nots grow bright;
Though still beneath the last year's leaves
They hide their faces in affright;
And March at times so beautiful grows
He gives us back old winter's snows.
Fickle April, short-lived queen,
Will seize the abducted thrones,
And rule the earth in wayward mood,
With smiles and tears alternate shower;
Her emerald wreath thick set with gems,
Of purple, blue and gold combined,
On maple bough and willow lithe
Her gaily tasseled scepter find
The slender blades of meadow grass
Her footsteps kiss as on they pass.
The younger sister, smiling May,
The peach and apple buds will kiss,
And, waking from their sleeping, they
Will blush with life and bliss;
The honey bee, with happy hum,
Will woo the fair and fragrant flowers,
The blue bird and the robin come
With song to glorify the hours.
Then over serene May's early tomb
June's crimson roses bud and bloom.
April 4, 1866. Louisville Weekly Courier 20(1018): 1.