02 July 2013

Platte Valley Game

November 2, 1860. Huntman's Echo 1(n.a.): 2. Issued at Wood River Center.


Since our last issue our neighbors have had rare sport in capturing game. One party went out and took six buffalo — the boys who went on ous account brought in a buffalo, an antelope and a badger. Messrs. Barnard, Moores, and others took six buffalo, and a party from Kearney city got of turkeys, buffalo and antelope all they could bring in. Our boys have been doing a heaby business in wolves, raccoons, and large feathered game, insomuch that we have been feasting daily upon the flesh of wild beasts and birds. Antelope in abundance may be found back in the hills and on the plains, and myriads of buffalo over towards the Republican Fork.

Game - Fun - The Chase

Buffalo and elk being scarce just not in this region, the sporting boys have turned their attention to wolves, beaver, otter, &c.

One night recently, the boys from Perdues camp caught, with traps, two wolves and one fine large beaver. One wolf had loosened and made off with his trap, whilst the other awaited results — which between guns, clubs and dogs, proved disadvantageous to his narrow circumstances. The other being charged with the larceny of the trap, was pursued by the losing party, and soon hunted down, and between the jaws of the trap and dogs he was soon devoured by the jaws of death, so we won't jaw anymore about the matter. The beaver was fine and fat, and the captor, no doubt, feasted sumptously off its huge tail and juicy flesh. A night later, Sam, (who, by the way is some when he goes in to catch a "varmint") missed one of his traps set for a wolf, but soon captured the rogue, and now, his jacket adorns an outbuilding. He has also exhibited, as trophies, the legs of several beaver, and one huge fellow, with a sealy caudal appendage and web feet, and one otter. He don't charge the missing with theft, but thinks they would have made money by waiting for him to help them out. Ducks, geese and cranes are becoming more common. Vant brought in a string of the former, a short time since. Antelope are still abundant over about Prairie creek, but the buffalo begin to make south; and those who expect to sport with this large game this season had better be about it soon.