10 April 2013

Carter Lake Planning Board Indifferent to Greenspace Proposal

Comments asking that the City of Carter Lake protect greenspace adjacent to Carter Lake were met with indifference at the meeting of the planning board on April 8th.

City of Carter Lake planning board before the April 8th meeting.

It was a Monday evening and time was taken to attend the planning board meeting, which started at 7:10 p.m., as members arrived based upon their clock.

The primary topic of the meeting was in regards to effluent from washing cars, and how it might affect the lake adjacent to the city.

Eventually, after 7:30 p.m. my comments were conveyed within agenda item number 6. The pertinent points expressed for the indicative proposal were 1) it was an opportunity for the city; 2) it could enhance the greenspace associated with Carter Lake, and 3) would continue efforts already started by the city.

My request was to:

  • 1) Indicate pertinent parcels owned by the City of Carter Lake as greenspace;
  • 2) Vacate streets within the area;
  • 3) Indicate an intention to create a larger greenspace in association with the parcels already owned by the City of Carter Lake.

The response was completely tepid. One response was in regards to limiting development because it would provide taxable benefits. The members of the board were cognizant of the area being considered. The members of the board did not want to establish a governmental restriction upon someone wanting to construct some thing upon their property, irregardless of any means of access. Any new buildings would pay taxes, one planning board member indicated.

The only significant indication of opportunity indicated was to present the information to the city council. A person on the planning board said that they only make recommendations.

Any opportunity to comment further was squashed by the five minute limit, associated with agenda item 6.
The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m., immediately following my commentary.

This proposal has already been discussed with the mayor of the city, but he has been nearly impossible to contact, so that initiative has also not had any reaction.