22 April 2013

Questionable Addition Proposed for Levi Carter Park

A proposal to place a mock-up of the USS Omaha -- a submarine -- at Levi Carter Park has, either because of some unknown rationale or inadequate newspaper reporting, has no basis for where it might potentially be placed along this former oxbow of the Missouri River.

The monument would reportedly cost $1 million to construct.
Courtesy image.
There are so many points not known, with the most recent story given below a free, color-graphic, as published so large upon one page of one Saturday newspaper. It was a story wrought with details not indicated!

Particulars missed, included: Why can't this fake monstrosity of a former submarine construct be placed at Freedom Park, in association with other military equipment already present at this space along the Missouri River?

What is sorely missing in the indicated proposal, as reported, was any indication of why should the submarine monument be placed at Levi Carter Park, and for what reason. The newspaper story did not indicate any particular reason for its construction. The article did not convey that it would be done to recognize any particular person or event. There was nothing said regarding the origin of the idea, and how the person(s) whom conveyed the idea, are continuing to be involved.

Where is the $250,000 pledged by the City of Omaha coming from?

The city of Omaha, or the Omaha Park Foundation, would not have committed these funds unless they knew that additional contributions could be expected. There was nothing of this sort indicated in the verbiage of the Saturday news article.

Who is the person pushing this proposal? They obviously have some money ready to spend to create a monument to glorify their perspective. These folks are behind this endeavor.

City of Omaha officials seem to agree, and the mayor of the City of Omaha made certain that $250,000 was provided to initiate the effort.

Mayor Suttle said the feature would be visible from places near the Eppley airport.  What an "useless" comment, because of the obvious result of constructing so big next the street. The big construct should be visible for everyone driving along Abbott Drive, along the western side of Eppley Airport. The comments made by the mayor, indicated a comment based upon expressing words without meaning.

There are other factors at this park to consider. It would require moving the park sidewalk. It would be a massive amount of dollars spent when the two nearby piers have dangerous sidewalks, with is an ongoing condition, and has obviously been ignored by park officials. Money would be spent for this thing when the budget for a park manager has been reduced.

The graphic image used by the local newspaper, presents quite an erroneous perspective.The graphic included with the newspaper article did not include any attribution. It certainly was not prepared by one of their employees.

This graphic indicated a boundary associated with Abbott Drive and the eastern edge of Levi Carter Park as a "soft edge." Flowery sorts of plants are shown at the northern-most point of the submarine, which will include a couple of relics of the former thing.

Nothing was said about who would plant and maintain the plants, and also keep the sidewalks clear of snow during winter months. Why is a monument to a war machine being put in a greenspace?

Some city officials are obviously missing the boat when it comes to placing this monument at Levi Carter Park.

Who proposed this idea? That could have been indicated on a web page. Why should Omaha Parks provide $250,000 of public funds when they can't suitably repair problems at the park, which have been present for too long.

There has obviously been some agreement by the City of Omaha administrators, and the Omaha Parks Foundation to accept a proposal, and move ahead without any sort of public meeting or discourse.

Levi Carter Park deserves more than a submarine proposal which is an obvious example of a some special interest, people/group unknown, and a lack of transparency by city officials to provide these and related facts.

Levi Carter Park deserves greenspace conservation, instead of more metal, bricks and concrete! Freedom Park is a better places for a memorial such as a fake submarine.