08 April 2013

Ineffective Decal Replacement Occurring at CenturyLink

Windows are being cleaned and decals are currently being replaced at the CenturyLink Center. The process involves removal of the decals put in place last year, cleaning the glass, and placement of new decals.

The additional cost for the decal portion of this work is not known, though it must be significant as it's a time-consuming process.

Notice the decals do not occur until the seventh "tier" of glass above the ground. Many of the bird strikes which occur at this locale are associated with ground habitat.

The decals are obvious in this picture taken April 8th.

Despite the decals on the upper three-fourths of the window area, the bottom portion does not have any decals placed upon the glass. This dramatically reduces the efficacy of their being used.

Last season, there were more bird-strike occurrences at CenturyLink that any of the past five years during which records have been kept.

This is the decal product being placed upon the glass.

An alternative option needs to be pursued by the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, because money is being spent annually, yet significant numbers of migratory birds continue to be killed or dramatically injured at the west wall of the building.

Last year the decals were replaced in early May.