05 April 2013

Happy Hollow Creek Featured in Local TV News

Happy Hollow Creek was featured on the local news report last night on KPTM.

Reporting was done by Leah Uko, and the story titled "Trash Pile Up Replaces Water in Creek" started with:

A trash pile up near a creek has people throwing out suggestions on how to fix it. Happy Hollow Creek at Memorial Park is flooded with dirty water because of built up litter.

This story has been featured only on this station, and the reporter was given an exclusive on site interview. Especially important was her realization that the waterway was actually called Happy Hollow Creek. It added a personal touch to the scene.

The only problem with the story was getting comments with a representative of Nebraska Wildlife Rehabilitation that seemed to convey the trash was no problem, because the ducks will just leave.

Obviously having the Wood Ducks and Mallards present is a better condition, and that should have been reflected in her dubious statement.