06 April 2013

Deadfall Obstructions at Happy Hollow Creek, Omaha

Following the television report on the 4th, a few minutes were taken on the 5th to discuss the situation with the acting parks director, Brook Bench, in his downtown office.

An explanation was given that deadfall blockages at several places along the south end of the creek were the problem, and it was much more than accumulated trash. The tree material, etc., needed to be removed to prevent trash from accumulating, and to limit the scummy water conditions.

The following pictures were taken a short time later in the morning, after this discussion, to document the situation. A copy of the first five pictures have been sent to Bench, and also to the mayor's office, with a request that the material be removed.

The pictures indicate five distinct obstruction spots, starting at the south end, where the creek goes into the culvert beneath Dodge Street, and for a relative short distance northward.

Tree debris in lower Happy Hollow Creek.

During my visit, Pat the caretaker of Memorial and Elmwood Parks was present, and picking trash out of the creek, to haul it away.

This effort is appreciated, but the next time it rains, there will once again be trash present, and it will continue to accumulate.

On Sunday afternoon, Boy Scout troop 597 picked up trash along Happy Hollow Creek, and also southward into Elmwood Park. Their effort is appreciated!

A picture taken November 9, 2002 shows what the Dodge Street culvert would look like when it is not blocked. Obviously at that time, the issue was lurid graffiti.

This picture was taken in association with a report titled: "A Pictorial of Problems at Three Omaha Parks," and included other unnecessary situations at Elmwood Park and Spring Lake Park, in eastern Omaha.