11 November 2013

A Day of Infamy for Bird-Window Collisions at Omaha

It is a day that will linger in infamy for its denoted occurrence.

On Monday morning, 11 September 2013, with gloomy gray skies, blustery winds and descending temperatures in front of chilling weather system, a bit of snuffed out life was found on a sidewalk in downtown Omaha.

A Dark-eyed Junco carcass was forlorn among the blowing winds, seemingly forgotten after dying upon hitting a glass window on the upper facade on the west side of the Omaha Public Power District Energy Plaza building.

Once discovered however, its demise will live on as the particular species found to represent the 500th day of recording bird-window collisions in eastern Omaha. This was just another example of the so many singular tragedies of a similar sort, but its fate is being recognized and will not be forgotten. The birds' feathers are unkempt looking, obviously results of being blown around on the sidewalk of a concrete jungle; though the colors and splendor are still representative!

Once documented, the life bit of birdness was placed in a natural setting to it could properly return to earth, rather than unceremoniously being ignored or worse, get thrown into a trash container.