06 November 2013

The Approach of Spring - An 1852 Poem

Written in a Lawyer's Office.
Whereas, on certain boughs and sprays,
Now divers birds are heard to sing,
And sundry flowers their heads upraise —
Hail to the coming on of spring!
The songs of those said birds arouse
The memory of our youthful hours,
As green as those said sprays and boughs,
As fresh and sweet as those said flowers.
The birds aforesaid — happy pairs —
Love, mid the aforesaid bough enshrines
In freehold nests; themselves, their heirs,
Administrators and assigns.
Oh, busiest term of Cupid's court,
Where tender plaintiff actions bring —
Season of frolic and of sport,
Hail, as aforesaid, coming spring!
June 23, 1852. Grand River Times 1(51): 1.