06 November 2013

To a Bird in Winter

By C.D. Beers.
Lonely bird! what doest thou here?
The sky is dark and the storm is drear;
Hast thou no shelter, no downy nest
Where with thy brood thou canst sweetly rest?
Hast thou no thought
That the raging storm with ill is fraught!
Where are thy fellows? or art thou left
Alone — of thy joyous mates bereft?
Or have they sought some sunny clime
To revel among the fragrant thyme
That yields it sweet
To the gentle touch of their tiny feet?
Thou'rt welcome to stay! thy plumage bright,
Like a summer sunbeam, gladdens our sight :
Ay, welcome to stay through the winter long,
To cheer its oft with thy chirp and song;
Here's shelter for thee,
Sweet bird! 'till the leaf is on the tree.
March 5, 1846. Vermont Watchman and State Journal 40(16): 1.