08 November 2013

City Must do All Possible to Save Birds

My supportive letter in the Public Pulse. Omaha World-Herald 149(29): 6B.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal for a lighting schedule at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge (Nov. 4 World-Herald) is a compromise regarding the reality of bird strikes in eastern Omaha. The spring and autumn periods suggested are associated with peaks of migrational movement along the Missouri River valley by a wonderful variety of species.

There are hundreds of bird strikes in the downtown environs every year. They can occur any day between early March through November, based upon my investigation of more than 500 dates since May 2008. Dead or disabled birds can be easily found.

City of Omaha officials should do everything possible to minimize hazards to migratory birds, especially due to lighting at the Kerrey bridge. The cityscape is already very dangerous to so many birds, and steps to reduce the tragic impacts should be made by public and private entities.