06 November 2013

Welcome Sweet Robins - An 1824 Poetic Expression

Mr. Beck — Last fall a Robin entangled his legs with a thread, caught the branches of a tree in front of my house, where it was impossible to extricate him. He lingered a few hours and died. This spring, the ancient nest was re-occupied by (probably) the descendants of the unfortunate bird; and the following lines were written (but mislaid) by your humble servant, Doctor Gunter.

Welcome sweet Robins to your tree;
I hear your morning minstrelsy
With the first dawn of spring;
With extasy enjoy your notes,
And watch your little swelling throats
As you melodious sing.
Welcome sweet Robin back again,
Relate where you so long have been
And how the winter pass'd :
Have you the elements withstood
In caves with Madam Solitude
And safe return'd at last?
Welcome sweet Robin to your home,
For ev'ry note, I'll throw a crumb —
Thrice welcome to the tree,
Which long your ancestors possess'd
Repair, and occupy their nest
And live in harmony.
Welcome sweet Robin, play and sing,
Be guarded that the fatal string
Which caught your sire last year,
Shall not around your legs entwine,
Suspend you on the Elm or Pine
And draw the unconscious tear.
June 22, 1824. New Hampshire Gazette 69(31): 4. Poetry feature. For the New Hampshire Gazette.