06 November 2013

I'm Weary - An 1858 Poem

Allezn, Milldale, O., January 19, 1858. Original.
I'm weary of this dreary winter,
And I long for the merry spring;
To see the budding trees and flowers,
And hear the wild birds sing.
I'm weary of these leaden clouds,
That drift o'er-head, all day;
And I long to see light, fleecy ones,
In the azure space, at play.
I'm weary of the sullen moan
Of the winds among the trees,
And I long to feel upon my brow
Bright summer's gentle breeze.
I'm weary of these faded leaves,
That rustle o'er the ground,
And I long to see the bright-eyed flowers
By the murmuring streamlet found.
I'm weary of these leafless trees,
With their branches still and bare,
And I long, again, to see green leaves
Dance in the summer air.
I'm weary of these fields so brown,
Where not a flower is seen,
I long to see them dressed, once more,
In a waving robe of green.
O, yes! I long to see again
Sweet spring come o'er the earth,
And bring once more her warbling birds,
And flowers of brilliant birth.
Go, the, thou gloomy winter,
With your skies so dull and dreary;
And leave me with a lighter heart,
And not so sad and weary.
March 11, 1858. Perrysburg Journal 5(44): 1.