06 November 2013

Birds by the Window - An 1874 Poem

By Edward Spencer.
Sweet birds that at my window sing,
Or said around on careless wing,
Beseech ye, lend your caroling,
While I salute my darling.
She's far from men, away, away,
Across the hills, beyond the bay,
But still my heart goes night and day
To meet and greet my darling.
Brown wren from out whose swelling throat
Unstinted joys of music float,
Come lend to me thy own June note,
to warble to my darling.
Sweet dove, thy tender, love-lorn coo
Melts pensively the orchard through;
Grant me thy gentle voice to woo,
And I shall win my darling.
Lark, ever leal to dawn of day,
Pause ere thou wingst thy skyward way —
Pause, and bestow one quivering lay,
One anthem for my darling.
Ah, mocker, rich as leafy June,
Thou'll grant, I know, one little boon,
One strain of thy most matchless tune,
To solace my own darling.
Bright choir, your peerless song shall stir
The rapturous chords of love in her;
But who shall be our messenger,
When we salute my darling?
Oh! voiceless swallow, crown of spring,
Lend me awhile thy swift, curved wing;
Straight as an arrow thou shalt bring
This greeting to my darling.
August 22, 1874. Donaldsonville Chief 3(50): 1.