06 November 2013

March - An 1875 Poem

Lucy Lercoin, in St. Nicholas for March.
March! March! March! They are coming
In troops to the tune of the wind;
Red headed woodpeckers drumming,
Gold-crested thrushes behind;
Sparrows in brown jackets hopping
Past every gateway and door;
Finches with crimson caps stopping,
Just where they stopped years before.
March! March! March! They are slipping
Into their places at last, —
Little white lily-buds, dripping
Under the showers that fall fast;
Buttercups, violets, roses;
Snowdrop and bluebell and pink;
Throng upon throng of sweet posies,
Bending the dewdrops to drink.
March! March! March! They will hurry
Forth at the wild bugle-sound, —
Blossoms and birds in a flurry,
Fluttering all over the ground.
Hang out your flags, birch and willow!
Shake out your red tassels, larch!
Grass-blades, up from your earth pillow!
Hear who is calling you — March!
March 5, 1875. Sunbury American 6(47): 1, new series.